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Remember the “exciting” stuff that I said last time? Well, here it is! Last Sunday, I had a shoot with Ate Kat, a high school friend of my UP mate/soro sister Ate Api. She is into taking photos and doing post-processing as a hobby.

The theme that she wanted was “spring with a lot of pastels”. Well, being a vain girl, I was pretty ecstatic to become her subject! We shot about 4 sets this afternoon. These batch of pics are just a few samples, actually.

Ate Kat is into florals and the feeling is mutual. Haha. I have always wanted to incorporate a flowery background into my pics for its pretty effect. Most of my clothes are sporting that print too.

I must say that I’m pleased with how the pictures turned out. She’s just starting out but her aesthetics in photo composition is already impressive! <3

Admittedly, I’m picky and judgmental (Arte ko. Haha.) regarding this factor. For example, I usually prefer being the one to do the editing of my personally taken lookbook posts (a.k.a. those taken by a family member using the trusty digicam). I’m not satisfied until I get best composition through cropping/retouching and you know, the works.

Well, for the output that she came up with, everything was really shot beautifully! I was stunned, no complaints at all. :) In the long run, I think that she can definitely go places in the world of photography.

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Follow her on Tumblr: kattriestophotograph.tumblr.com

Posted: April 03, 2012
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