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Dusty Morning

It was just hours since I got out of bed this time. My clothes from last week was at the terrace for laundry. Here I am, succumbing to the urge of taking an outfit post. Hurrah.

This is one of my typical outfits for work. I just added my flower hair tie-made into a bracelet to add a little “something”. Also, I used this Dorothy Perkins bag as a color complement.

Got this pink blazer at a tiny little shop somewhere. Hahaha. It seriously needs adjustments to fit my built well. It’s too loose for me but I still continue using it.

This Centropelle shoes are soooo high! Before, I had this fantasy of going to work in 5 inch shoes. Power stillettos to the max! However, reality hit me after 2 slips (one while getting down a jeep and another one at the street). It was so hard and impractical. Hahaha. Flats, I must love you.

Hype my look in Lookbook! :)

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October 21 2011
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Shred Your Shorts!

The title is not true as I bought my shorts as it is. It just sounded cool. lol. Hype it in Lookbook HERE!

This is another set of the photoshoot that I had with Zabrina. It started raining this time so we decided to take refuge under the bleachers, where these pieces of wood were placed. The photographer liked the set-up so we continued shooting here.

It’s really out of my personality to pose and dress this way. I’m comfortable more in making “pa-cute” or “pa-pretty” faces so this is quite a breath of fresh air.

My studded jacket is making an appearance again. Yee. I’m forever in love with those gold studs. <3

My shredded shorts, though it’s not clearly seen in this pic is by Kirin Kirin. It’s really super short in real life. I might get creepy cat calls if I wear this outside on a normal day. Nevertheless, it seems perfect as a beach cover-up!

Through photoshop trial and error, I was able to get this output on this pic. I like it! Yet I don’t know how to replicate this editing. Boo. :/

The Ray-Bans I used here were quite “vintage”. I think it has been lying inside the house since I was a kid. When I uncovered it at a filthy part inside our room. I squealed inside. This is precious and I didn’t know until now! Haha.

Here’s the photographer’s version of the look  by the way. :)

I will  be posting a second photoset of this look. Next time, it will be on a grassy background. I don’t want the pretty pictures go unnoticed so stay tuned to that! :D

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October 2 2011
Post tags: Lookbook shorts rayban sunglasses brouges shoes

I&#8217;ve been fantasizing about black wedges like these for a long loong time. Can someone give me something like this on Christmas? Haha.

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September 23 2011
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Red Shoes

My dear shoes from Leaveland. This pair was bought for my graduation last year. Love the gold buckle detail. :)

However, I’m in for “foot kill” while wearing this because it’s a wee bit smaller for my size. Well, that’s fashion sacrifice.

2:57 pm
July 17 2011
Post tags: shoes