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Dusty Morning

It was just hours since I got out of bed this time. My clothes from last week was at the terrace for laundry. Here I am, succumbing to the urge of taking an outfit post. Hurrah.

This is one of my typical outfits for work. I just added my flower hair tie-made into a bracelet to add a little “something”. Also, I used this Dorothy Perkins bag as a color complement.

Got this pink blazer at a tiny little shop somewhere. Hahaha. It seriously needs adjustments to fit my built well. It’s too loose for me but I still continue using it.

This Centropelle shoes are soooo high! Before, I had this fantasy of going to work in 5 inch shoes. Power stillettos to the max! However, reality hit me after 2 slips (one while getting down a jeep and another one at the street). It was so hard and impractical. Hahaha. Flats, I must love you.

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Shred Your Shorts!

The title is not true as I bought my shorts as it is. It just sounded cool. lol. Hype it in Lookbook HERE!

This is another set of the photoshoot that I had with Zabrina. It started raining this time so we decided to take refuge under the bleachers, where these pieces of wood were placed. The photographer liked the set-up so we continued shooting here.

It’s really out of my personality to pose and dress this way. I’m comfortable more in making “pa-cute” or “pa-pretty” faces so this is quite a breath of fresh air.

My studded jacket is making an appearance again. Yee. I’m forever in love with those gold studs. <3

My shredded shorts, though it’s not clearly seen in this pic is by Kirin Kirin. It’s really super short in real life. I might get creepy cat calls if I wear this outside on a normal day. Nevertheless, it seems perfect as a beach cover-up!

Through photoshop trial and error, I was able to get this output on this pic. I like it! Yet I don’t know how to replicate this editing. Boo. :/

The Ray-Bans I used here were quite “vintage”. I think it has been lying inside the house since I was a kid. When I uncovered it at a filthy part inside our room. I squealed inside. This is precious and I didn’t know until now! Haha.

Here’s the photographer’s version of the look  by the way. :)

I will  be posting a second photoset of this look. Next time, it will be on a grassy background. I don’t want the pretty pictures go unnoticed so stay tuned to that! :D

I&#8217;ve been fantasizing about black wedges like these for a long loong time. Can someone give me something like this on Christmas? Haha.

I’ve been fantasizing about black wedges like these for a long loong time. Can someone give me something like this on Christmas? Haha.

(via moodyjaidee)

Red Shoes

My dear shoes from Leaveland. This pair was bought for my graduation last year. Love the gold buckle detail. :)

However, I’m in for “foot kill” while wearing this because it’s a wee bit smaller for my size. Well, that’s fashion sacrifice.

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