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Anna Lumague is a 24-year old young professional by day, social media citizen by night and personal style enthusiast 24/7. She has an inescapable thirst for fashion, beauty, and art that begs to be freed, hence this blog.


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On Test Shots and New Things





Shoes: S&H | Bag: Kelley (Ryan’s ) | Romper: from a bazaar | Skirt | thrifted

I am very much ecstatic to finally own a new camera which is now resting peacefully at the palm of my hands: a Fujifilm X20. Oh my. I never thought that I will be able to purchase one that soon (few months after investing on an Iphone 5s). Perhaps, let me just do a separate post for the Fuji love.

Yesterday, my sister and I took test shots within the neighborhood. I was itching to have a moment at a wall decorated with oh so lovely bougainvilleas. Finally, we were able to steal a few seconds to do it. Mission accomplished! In spite of the heat, rusty “posing skills”, roughly unperfected cam settings and nosy rural teens (Sorry not sorry, they were quite a pain to deal with.), it was a pretty good start! I hope to do better quality/artsy posts similar to these next time. So excited.

3:10 pm
March 23 2014
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I would rather be tagged as underrated than overrated any day. It implies that you are an unpolished gem, waiting to be discovered.

11:13 pm
March 22 2014
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Pre-Midnight Iphone Monologues


I cannot stress enough how happy I am to finally do a breakthrough and muster up the courage to splurge on the “right things” at my early twenties. Woot woot.

Maybe this isn’t a biggie for trufax rich kids out there (You, lucky people). However, for an average yuppie who works her butt off 9-5/Monday-Friday, I guess I deserve a pat in the back for finally being able to invest on something with my hard-earned cash. A top of mind priority is my Iphone 5S. Yup. Go big or go home. 


1.  YOURS TRULY IS ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET.- I need something to entertain me. All the time. I am guilty of leeching wifi at malls/coffee shops whenever there is a chance before. Hahaha! What the heck. Shoutout to Glorietta for being my free wifi mecca.


Also, my dorm is bordering to boring at times. Whenever I don’t have any plans with friends/workmates/boyfriend to hang out, I’d rather curl up and check Twitter or watch Youtube on my bed than stare into nothingness.

2. ALL MY PREVIOUS PHONES WERE VERY OUTDATED. - Yep, those Nokia phones and all. I *tried* lowering my costs by purchasing a second hand Blackberry. Unfortunately, it had an untimely death in less than a year! Goddamnit. I was just thankful that my boyfriend lent me his old phone that’s why I still had a connection to the world.


3. IN DIRE NEED OF A GOOD CAMERA- So, why didn’t I just get an SLR or something? Naah. I’m kind of leaning towards a mirrorless cam but I will purchase one once I have funds already. Huhuhu.  Anyways, I’m digressing..


(Me trying Iphoneography) 

Being a fan of anything multi-functional, I want my phone to be a very convenient companion in keeping up with primarily Lookbook and blog posts. Also, being able to snap random photos and moments with other people is a close second. I am trying my best to be able to update my portals as often as I have done before (circa 2011, pre-working girl days). 


4. OMG. GAMES, MAN. - God, it sucked so bad when I can only play games like Candy Crush or Zombie Tsunami on someone else’s phone before. :( (Honestly though, I don’t play so much anymore now)


5. INSTAGRAM!!!!! - To the creator of this app/SNS, you da bomb. <3


6. HELP. I AM DISORGNIZED.- Oh god. I am so SO bad in remembering birthdays. If I can sync that Facebook friends’ detail in my gadget or get an app that does so, life will become easier. Also, I need to track my to-do lists and reminders more efficiently.


7. I AM A SLAVE OF CONSUMERISM.- Enough said. Aren’t we all? 

Oops, yup, so far that’s about it. Notice all those GIFs? I guess I have been reading a ton of Buzzfeed articles lately. Oh well. :|  Hahaha.

Now, what will my next big purchase be? Well, one thing is for sure- it’s going to take some time but it will definitely be worth it.

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February 2 2014
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Someday: It Bag Crush


Proenza Schouler PS1


Chanel 2.55


This red one is a second choice.


Gorgeous Chloe Paraty

Sighhh. If only I have the capacity to purchase these. *day dreaming* Soon! I hope. I hope.. All I know is, once I am able to make these lovely things mine, i know I have already made it.

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August 3 2013
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Help, I am horrible at people


It’s yet another weekend that I’ve spent in the company of my books, my bunny, my bed, and mostly my mother. I just don’t go out, and it’s not for lack of things to go out to (because this is Manila; there’s so much going on). It’s that I don’t appear to have actual friends to go to anything with.

I mean, I have friends, I guess. Friends who are maybe a step up from acquaintances, who I can talk to on a level a little higher than superficial for a respectable amount of time, but I don’t have friends friends. I have a couple of people I consider best friends, who are all so busy that I only see them a few times a year. (But every time I do, it’s like not much has changed. I can count on those people to be there when I absolutely need them to be.) But I don’t hang out with them. I don’t have friends I can hang out with. I don’t hang out.

I scroll through my online feeds on a regular basis and see lots of people basically just hanging out with each other, and it looks fun, and I don’t have that. It makes me sad that I don’t have someone I can text at random to grab a drink or a bite to eat or some coffee or to catch a movie or to go with to some random thing. I don’t have anyone to be casual with.

Is it because I’m bad at people? I don’t like to be the initiator; I’m too shy. I don’t like to force my company on others because I feel like people feel like they have to put up with me. I rarely really feel welcome anywhere; I need to be a little drunk to be comfortable in the company of others. I think I’ve grown so used to being in front of a screen and having a QWERTY keyboard of some form at my fingertips that I’ve essentially lost the art of conversation. I feel dull.

For a while, I thought maybe I didn’t want to go out because I felt ugly and didn’t want to be self-conscious, but then I checked myself. That’s only true sometimes, and rarely.

Mom says I’m like Dad; I’m just the lone wolf type. I mean, I see my boyfriend a few hours a week and barely text him, and I’m surprisingly okay with that. (I know I have a taste for expensive things and I can be terrible when I’m moody, but I can honestly say that I’ve never been a clingy, needy, possessive girlfriend. He doesn’t have it so bad with me. Or at least I hope so.) And this is the person I’m closest to.

I just worry sometimes that I’m too young to be so closed off to everything going on around me, that maybe I should make a little more effort to get out there, try harder. But I just don’t know how.

I mostly enjoy being alone. It’s on the very rare occasions that I feel lonely that I wonder if there’s something wrong with that, with me.

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July 20 2013
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"If at some point between 22 – 27 you feel like you’re six years old again, lost and alone at the San Diego Zoo (it’s a big-frickin-zoo), frantically searching for a familiar face – hold tight, you’re experiencing a bit of a Quarter-Life Crisis. Stay put. Pray a lot. And in no time someone will call your name across the loud speaker to tell you where you can be found.&#8221;   -21 Secrets for Your Twenties, All Groan Up
Ouch! X Marks the spot. I read this excerpt during one of the tough times in my life and it really hit close to home. 

I am sure that all of us is on their own quest for freedom and happiness on major aspects of life. This can be on love, career and other social/personal areas that we would like to be fulfilled in. Sometimes, things don&#8217;t work out originally as planned (on one of these, perhaps some or gasp! all? wag naman. hehe) which leaves us disappointed and unsure of what lies ahead. I know that I get lost at times too, but I am (and should be) pretty positive that I too, will get there soon! 


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July 17 2013
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A List Inspiration: Glitterati Iconoclasts


When I first saw the dress that Dominique Tiu was wearing, I thought that it was such a stunner! That’s the piece at the right paired with spiked headband and studded belt. Fierce much! 


By the way, the owner Glitterati, Joanna Ladrido (left) looks great as well.I may add that I’m such a fan girl of these two girls because, well.. they have it all! I follow various blogs but I’m kind of drawn to them because they are really witty and interesting. 


Oops, going back to the dress, I wish I could pull off this look- moreover, have an appropriate event to wear this if ever. Hahaha. 

See more designs at Glitterati Facebook Page

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April 3 2013
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 Outtakes mode! Rawr. I need to have new photos asap. This is another version of my last look. However, the vibe of these set is different. As what I have said in the title, it felt “badass”. Hahahaha! Yep, no judging.

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March 17 2013
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Life Snapshots Via Instagram (January-February 2013)


A message that I got from one of my candidates prior to my last day of work. I’m joining a different company now for career advancement. *sobs*


Valentine’s 2013 is the best! He surprised with roses, chocolates (fave) and a big teddy bear. We also had an awesome lunch at Mamou (Yay, steak!). Since it’s the love month, a Sonja’s Red Velvet Cupcake was given as a compliment of the resto. I’m such a lucky girl! :’)


Did a comparison of my 2010 and 2013 self. I look healthier and happier now. :)


Dinner at Kikufuji!!!! I LOVE their Salmon Sashimi. *two thumbs up* *now a Japanese food convert*


We went to Chocolatier, a haven for chocolate lovers! These are Lindt Dark Chocolate, Lindt Mint Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher ice cream scoops.


Instagrammed an outfit post in Lookbook. Yep, I changed it. Hahaha. So fickle.


My eyeglasses and a cutie patootie 2013 pig planner.


Camwhoring while Ryan is “resting”


Rai lent me her 2 Broke Girls DVD. Woot woot series marathons! I love this show. :D


We tried out the Vanilla Cupcake place at Glorietta. Actually, it’s more of checking out the cute interiors of the store. :3


Zombie Tsunami is the bomb! It’s such an addicting game.


My first post should definitely be this. <3

This is definitely an addicting site. I can’t wait to purchase an Iphone 5 once my finances are more stable already after work transition. Haha. Follow me on instagram!


8:43 pm
February 24 2013
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Sometimes, we have to stop whining about what we don’t have and realize how blessed we already are. You can possess something that others would kill to have. Just take time to be thankful.

— note to self

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December 29 2012
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I really really like this picture of Rai and I. :3

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December 28 2012
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2013 Bucketlist


*Iphone 4s

I’m not very sold with the idea of getting Iphone 5 due to minimal improvements. However, I’m still torn between the 4s and Samsung S3. There are 2 main reasons why I want to upgrade: 1. It’s an all-purpose camera|social networking|music gadget and 2. It’s about time that I get to invest on something big for myself.


*Nike shoes

Since it’s time to change my old habits, health is one of my priorities. For the past months, I have gained few pounds which I am really happy about (on the 90+ pound mark. Yay! Thanks babe.). To have a toned and more fit body, I must exercise more (through jogging, jump ropes etc.)and purchasing this is one good way to start.  


*Anthology Lyon flats

When I saw these pair of flats at The Ramp, it was love at first sight! I have been looking for a great peep-toe flats for a very long time. I first saw these being worn by Anne Curtis on some outfit snapshots for her Preview Best Dressed spread. However, hers was from Nine West. I’m quite hesitant though because of the price which is around 3000 bucks.


*Urban Decay eye primer

Based on reviews, this is the best eye primer in the market so far. Good thing, I found out that it is available in Trinoma! If not this one, the next big contender is the one from Smashbox.


*In2It brow kit

I haven’t used up my Fanny Serrano brow kit so I can just purchase this one next time. I like it due to its compact size, nice color selection and not-so-hefty price tag. It’s essential for me to fix my eyebrow that’s why I want this to be the tandem of my MAC Browset.


*Travalo atomizer

By “miracle” of sorts, I discovered this atomizer through Kryz Uy’s blog (www.kryzuy.com). I have been looking for a small spray wherein it would be easy to put my perfume. I hate carrying around big, heavy bottles of perfume so it’s a necessity! Travalo is claimed as convenient to use, without spillage unlike ordinary atomizers! Check it out here: http://www.travalo.com/


*Hermes Un Jardin Sur De Nil Perfume

This perfume smells heavenly, I tell you! My officemate borrowed this from her mom and I fell in love the first time I took a whiff of it. It has the qualities that I am looking for in a scent- fresh, smells juicy and delicate. I don’t like strong perfumes. Hahaha. 

So far, these are what I have in mind for now. I might have a round 2, but maybe, after I have purchased some of these stuff. Whee! I hope my bucketlist will materialize. I gotta start saving up now. :)

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December 27 2012
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Kat Tries to Photograph, Again.


Finally. After a few months, I was able to have a fun shoot again with ate Kat. I’ll post everything and the links soon! :)

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December 23 2012
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Be angry. Sadness debilitates you while anger pushes you.

— Anna Tan (@annatantrum)

2:31 pm
December 19 2012
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Throwback Sunday

Rainy afternoons make me want to come back to old snapshots.

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December 16 2012
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