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Break Even

This is the 3rd set from my shoot with Ate Kat. For the consistency of our “spring theme”, I pulled out this floral print (as always) shirt from the closet. I made last minute tweaks on it by sewing the neckline to make it lower. and more flattering.

Hmm.. This time, let’s not put a hat on. Hahaha. I preferred a simpler look here and just accesorized my shorts with a belt. Lazy lazy lazy. This is something that I can wear on a regular day. 

My sky high clogs! Finally, I was able to manage walking on it better. As it’s hard to resell it, might as well just use these babies on shoots. Besides, it’s too pretty to let go. 

I’m quite annoyed with my hand habits and the fact that I rarely smile in the photos. Rarr! It’s okay, I’ll just note that out for modifications next time. Hehehe. 

Overall, I think this set is also nice! I still have a few more unpublished ones so I’ll just put them out next time (so I have more stuff to blog about!). I hope the spring-y fresh concept translated on your point of view. :)

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  April 21, 2012 at 09:28pm

One with the Wild x Sugarlips

I was soo ecstatic when I received this dress from Sugarlips Apparel! It’s a fashion brand of ready-to-wear clothes based in downtown Los Angeles, California. Check out the website for their awesome collection!

Thank you for finding my blog, by the way. Heehee. As I have no decent camera to give justice in styling presentations, our shoot last Sunday was a perfect timing! <3

I have been in search of animal print clothes for the longest time already. It adds fierceness/exotic appeal to one’s look, in my opinion. Next time, I’ll try to incorporate more of it in my closet. 

Here’s a closer look to the details of the dress. It’s so sheer and lightweight- perfect for the sunny weather! 

It also has ribbon details behind. Err, the dress is quite large for me so the back part is quite lower than the usual. :)

..and to complete the feel, let’s also do a “fierce” face. Hahaha.

Photo credits to: Kat Santos

Check out Sugarlips’ website:

On another note, I made it to Chictopia’s top looks today! Yaay! *pardon the over enthusiasm, it’s a big deal for me* I have neglected my account there already so the rush of votes was a cool surprise. Thank you so much. It made my day. :)

You can view the look HERE.

Spring Break: Shoot with Kat Santos

Remember the “exciting” stuff that I said last time? Well, here it is! Last Sunday, I had a shoot with Ate Kat, a high school friend of my UP mate/soro sister Ate Api. She is into taking photos and doing post-processing as a hobby.

The theme that she wanted was “spring with a lot of pastels”. Well, being a vain girl, I was pretty ecstatic to become her subject! We shot about 4 sets this afternoon. These batch of pics are just a few samples, actually.

Ate Kat is into florals and the feeling is mutual. Haha. I have always wanted to incorporate a flowery background into my pics for its pretty effect. Most of my clothes are sporting that print too.

I must say that I’m pleased with how the pictures turned out. She’s just starting out but her aesthetics in photo composition is already impressive! <3

Admittedly, I’m picky and judgmental (Arte ko. Haha.) regarding this factor. For example, I usually prefer being the one to do the editing of my personally taken lookbook posts (a.k.a. those taken by a family member using the trusty digicam). I’m not satisfied until I get best composition through cropping/retouching and you know, the works.

Well, for the output that she came up with, everything was really shot beautifully! I was stunned, no complaints at all. :) In the long run, I think that she can definitely go places in the world of photography.

Like the Facebook page: Kat Tries to Photograph

Follow her on Tumblr:

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  April 03, 2012 at 11:17pm

Smiling on Sunshine

Here are some more photos from Estrellas de Mendoza in Batangas. The place looks perfect, right? Hmm.. might as well take the advantage of having more summery photos! Hype this on Lookbook HERE.

It was the second day of our stay at the resort. After breakfast, I, together with my friends Raissa and  Icay decided to go to the beachside. Here’s the proof. Haha!

It was so hot because it’s almost noon and the sun kind of hurts my eyes here. Rawr!

Now, I’m with Icay. Hihi. I like this shot!

After this, we went back to the pool area (see the photo above). We wanted to have more photos by the infinity pool. Maybe I’ll post those once I feel like it. Hahaha. For the meantime, here you go.

Yeah, and here’s my accidentally closed-eyes self for your viewing pleasure.

(Photos courtesy of Raissa)

I hope you all have a nice summer experience as well! :)

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  March 31, 2012 at 08:24pm

Young and Full of Running

Print on print mixing- I’m so all over it again. It’s really fun experimenting with putting together of clashing designs. This time, I decided to wear floral with butterfly prints. <3

I would like to share with you this recent purchase that I had from Tomato- a reversible gold/silver pouch! So cool, right? I’m a fan of things that can multitask and this baby fits the bill. You can turn it into the color of your choice (for me, it’s gold) and it is pretty enough to tote around outside or hold some stuff inside your bag.

It’s been a while since I used this Parisian boots. I don’t know where to use it so, might just well put them on during shoots. I like how the sun’s lighting is as cooperative as ever. :)

Lakas maka-Miley Cyrus! Hahahaha. Oh, the perks of youth- being able to pull off almost everything. I’m really glad that each ensemble was able to complement each other.

You may hype this in Lookbook HERE.

How about you, are you comfortable in wearing a print-on-print outfit? 

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  March 24, 2012 at 06:02pm