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Anna Lumague is a 24-year old young professional by day, social media citizen by night and personal style enthusiast 24/7. She has an inescapable thirst for fashion, beauty, and art that begs to be freed, hence this blog.


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See it HERE!

I was actually seeing this post in my mind as being taken in a very sunny afternoon. I would’ve loved the feel of that but sadly, it was about to rain during this time. :( Oh well. It took effort in editing to make the shots look decent.

Usually, the back of our house is the place where I do random shoots for Lookbook. However, I realized that I overlook this side. Maybe, one reason is that some people occasionally pass by and I feel quite shy when that happens. Good thing not much people is around this time! 

1:01 pm
July 10 2011
Post tags: Lookbook blazer

Candy Yum Yum!

Color blocking in candy colors!

9:56 pm
July 9 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

A Pocketfull of Springfield

See it HERE!

It was a sunny (hot!) afternoon when this picture was taken somewhere near my relative’s place. The floral skirt kind of matches with the background. :)

This headpiece is actually a beaded necklace that I used as I lacked accessories that I brought during this vacation.

Like in my previous post, here is my Mulberry knock-off bag again from Belladona. I wish I got it in white though. Too bad, that color was already out of stock when I asked the sales lady! I’ll try to own more satchel bags in the future, maybe something brownish would be cool. 

12:28 am
July 9 2011
Post tags: Lookbook mulberry flower

Miss Tangerine and the Berry Sailor Shorts

See it HERE.

Hi! It’s been a crazy week. :) I’m still trying to upload my former photos.

#lazy to say anything

7:58 pm
July 7 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Sea of Flowers

See it HERE. Dress by Zara

I’ve always had this fascination for flowers. My dream house will surely have a garden such as this.

The place is actually in front of my neighbor’s house. I’ve always had this fantasy of taking photos in front of their house. Finally, I did! Haha. It was so spontaneous. As you can see, I was not very prepared as I didn’t have any accessories to go with this outfit. If I can turn back time, I would have brought along a floppy hat and a satchel bag.

9:59 pm
July 5 2011
Post tags: flowers lookbook

Murderers Murder, Lovers Love

Hype it HERE + see where I bought each stuff.

My hesitation in wearing shoes with socks is over. It’s cute nga!

Herp derp face.

Can you believe that this dress is thrifted? You just need a little bit of patience and gems like this will come out of shops!  

7:14 pm
July 4 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

My Bag is a Fruit

See more details HERE.

I was trying out the florals+polkadots combo. Next time, I’ll come up with a more colorful version as the palette of this is still on the blackish side.  

Novelty bag!

How I wish it is in color red so it will look like an apple though.

My boots from Parisian was bought on impulse as I can’t resist it’s 50% off deal. :)

4:48 pm     4 notes
July 3 2011
Post tags: lookbook bag boots parisian

Change of Perspective

Hype this in Lookbook!

I love the boater hat+nerd glasses combo. So hipster! lol. I wear bubble skirts and bubble tops to add “bulk” to my skinny frame.

10:31 am     2 notes
July 3 2011
Post tags: lookbook nerd glasses hipster boater hat

Feisty Florals

You may hype this here :)

I can’t believe I can wear these booties to the office. Haha. Love the not-so-strict dress code!

#favorite outfit

1:30 am
July 2 2011
Post tags: lookbook

Old Worldy Charm

Have you been to Las Casas Filipinas de Acusar in Bataan? The place is so gorgeous! I felt like doing time travel to Philippines during the panahon ng Kastila era.

11:29 pm
June 30 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

We Don’t Have Winter in the Philippines

Hype this in Lookbook!

With Rael, at my relatives place in Bataan

Boater hat from What Women Want, SM Department Store

Man, my cousins are naughty!

This thrifted sheer blouse is a steal! I’m lovin’ the texture and structure.

These photos were taken last December 2010, yet my look is very summer. Funny.  

12:27 pm     1 note
June 27 2011
Post tags: lookbook

Dolled-Up Friday

Hype this in Lookbook

Vest by Mango, Lace skirt- thrifted, Shoes by Leaveland.

The bag that I bought is from Liberte from Robinsons Department Store. I super love the Mulberry Alexa bag’s style that I have been looking out for knock-offs. When I get uber rich, I grab myself the original. Lol.

3:39 pm     1 note
June 26 2011
Post tags: lookbook