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Shred Your Shorts!

The title is not true as I bought my shorts as it is. It just sounded cool. lol. Hype it in Lookbook HERE!

This is another set of the photoshoot that I had with Zabrina. It started raining this time so we decided to take refuge under the bleachers, where these pieces of wood were placed. The photographer liked the set-up so we continued shooting here.

It’s really out of my personality to pose and dress this way. I’m comfortable more in making “pa-cute” or “pa-pretty” faces so this is quite a breath of fresh air.

My studded jacket is making an appearance again. Yee. I’m forever in love with those gold studs. <3

My shredded shorts, though it’s not clearly seen in this pic is by Kirin Kirin. It’s really super short in real life. I might get creepy cat calls if I wear this outside on a normal day. Nevertheless, it seems perfect as a beach cover-up!

Through photoshop trial and error, I was able to get this output on this pic. I like it! Yet I don’t know how to replicate this editing. Boo. :/

The Ray-Bans I used here were quite “vintage”. I think it has been lying inside the house since I was a kid. When I uncovered it at a filthy part inside our room. I squealed inside. This is precious and I didn’t know until now! Haha.

Here’s the photographer’s version of the look  by the way. :)

I will  be posting a second photoset of this look. Next time, it will be on a grassy background. I don’t want the pretty pictures go unnoticed so stay tuned to that! :D

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October 2 2011
Post tags: Lookbook shorts rayban sunglasses brouges shoes

Yikeee! An outtake of a lookbook post that I&#8217;ll post in the future. 
Excuse the awkward body angle and that the clothes are not seen well but I kinda like my face here. Big and happy. Haha!
THE orange lipstick is making an appearance again. I used to fear strong colors on my lips but pictures of models sashaying the runway in this look gorgeous. Must try it too. #monkeyseemonkeydo

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October 1 2011
Post tags: Lookbook beauty

Girl from 1960s (repost) (by Anna Dominique Lumague)
I am in the process of further improving my noob photoshop skills. Then, I saw my previous look and thought I can make it look much better. A few hours later and.. ta-da! New collage. Please don&#8217;t kill me for reposting though. :)

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September 24 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Sweet Disposition: Photo Set

Photos by Zabrina Trinidad

Post-processing by me

As promised, here is the set for this look. Ehem. Excuse the inconsistent photo editing. 

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September 24 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Psycho Splatters

Photo by Zabrina Trinidad (check out her nice Tumblr!).

I asked for Zab’s help in taking a decent photo for a certain magazine feature that I have. I’ll post it once the issue’s out!:) Because I can’t let the chance to take an outfit shot for Lookbook turn to waste, I brought along additional accessories to add some spunk to what I was currently wearing that time. To see where I got my accessories+clothes, check it out HERE.

When I got home that afternoon, I got excited by her text message that she accidentally did a certain editing which made the gray cement wall seem to be splattered with “paint”. When I saw this final product, I found it really cool. Taraay. Nice one sis!

Here’s the original color of the wall, for reference. Their house is being renovated recently and she took photos of me at freshly-cemented wall.

With the renovation thing, this is what I’m talking about. Haha! :)

In reference to the first photo:

I’m not used to making “pa-fierce" faces but I think it turned out pretty well. I tried orange lips though it looks red in the picture.

I kind or overuse the Details blazer at work because of its nice flap design at the front. I rarely see this kind of blazer at stores. If I get to see one though, it’s too expensive. I must say that this piece is a great steal for it’s price!

I love the Chanel 2.55 bag so I feel lucky to find a decent knock-off at.. ta-da! SM Department Store. I love it to bits because it is sturdy and the structure is great. 


Here’s my simpler outfit that I wore for a “purpose”. 

Lookie! I got new wedges- from SM Department Store again. Yes, they really got it all for you! I was eyeing these babies for a few weeks already. Until one day, when I met up with my uncle and his family at the mall to pick up something, they told me to get shoes that I like while we were strolling. Yay! So happy. :D

10:40 pm
September 16 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Let’s Get Away From Here

Like what I told you earlier this week, now is the time for me to elaborate more on this post. Please hype this look in Lookbook! Let’s Get Away from Here 

Parang “fat” ako dito. Nadaya ah! Haha. #random comment

I planned to ask my mother (uy, supportive!) to take my photos in the afternoon because the sun’s light looks best around that time. However, once we went outside the house, it suddenly became cloudy! Ugh.

I kind of like this shot because the right angle was taken while wearing this clear aviators. My face tends to look rounder when I’m wearing big ass nerd glasses. 

I’m proud to say that the clothes I used here were thrifted. Thank god ukay shopping is now considered uso and cool. This oversized red polo has been a tricky piece to use. It doesn’t work always when paired with other ensembles (either it looks blah, awkward or unflattering on me). Finally, I got to make it look nice in this combo. 

Hooray for finding another good location near the house to take pics! Woohoo. Good thing, no one was around/out of sight while I’m trying candid walking shots.

I’m quite digging this polo that I purchased from thrifting before. The fabric is so thin and loose- perfect for layering!

The only mistake that I did was not being able to use a nice footwear. Yep, say hello to my slippers a.k.a. tsinelas. I was just planning to get a head-to-knees pixie but this impromptu walking snapshots looked way better.

That’s all folks. Till my next outfit post! :)

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September 6 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

The Wanderer

Hype this in Lookbook+ see the brands I’m wearing: The Wanderer

Part of the set by Zabs. I did further post-processing for LB purposes.

I went for a “traveller” kind of feel to the outfit thus the title. My camel-toned blazer is such a favorite of mine! I’m digging it’s structure, color and how it hides my frail built. 

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September 3 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

She Was Born Out of Nostalgia

Fine, I change my mind a lot. lol. After browsing through the pictures before, I decided to change this to an outfit breakdown post instead.

Anyhoo, please hype this in Lookbook! She was Born Out of Nostalgia 

Months ago, my officemates and I went to Canyon Cove in Batangas for the annual company outing. The place is so coool! It’s totally worth the visit.

And what must a girl do in a photogenic place  such as this? Of course, take pictures! Sayang eh! Got the pictures from my officemate Icay. Teehee!

Syempre, I’m a flower girl so I must take picture near something”flowery”. 

My Zara blazer is awesomesauce because of the color. it’s kind of neon-y in a toned down way. My floral dress is thrifted yet it’s one of my favorites! What I wore is really simple so daanin na lang natin sa editing. Haha. Pauwi na kasi kami to Manila this time and this is a random picture taking session.

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August 30 2011
Post tags: lookbook

To Die by Your Side is Such a Heavenly Way to Die

Photo credits to: Zabrina Trinidad (c).

Hi! Finally it’s THE long weekend in the Philippines. 4 straight days yo. Yay!! After hard days of work, this is exactly what I need.

Here I am, posting another outfit in Lookbook from the shoot that I had with my friend, Zabrina. My two looks from the set had been getting many hypes! So happy! :) Thank you to those who did. *u*

This week, I was curious enough to listen to The Smiths’ songs because 500 Days of Summer is at the back of my mind. I got my look’s title from the song There is a Light that Never Goes Out (Summer, it’s because of you humming the lyrics!). My favorite song from what I have heard would probably be Please Let Me Get What I Want. You should try listening to it too. There’s something nostalgic/romantic/mysterious about the music of The Smiths.

Cute rings, right? I’m so amused by them. The butterfly ring is actually color blue. I initially saw it at the internet. However, one time while I was strolling in our local market, I saw the exact thing at HALF THE PRICE. It’s a sign. I must get it.

I also love how big the crystal on my other ring is. *u* Too bad, my finger is too skinny that why it always falls out. Haha. Anyway..

Hope you like this post! :)

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August 27 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Girl from the 1960s

The night was slowly creeping to the world yet I still grabbed the time to get a lookbook photo. Vain. Vain. Vain. The best remedy to make a bad lighting better? Make the editing look vintage! See the look HERE.

Geez, I always incorporate hats in my outfit photos as it makes the whole look have a little “something” to it. Is anyone sick of it already? I’ll try to come up with better “head gears” in the future. As of the moment, I’ll stick to this first.

The print of this shirt is awesome that’s why I bought it.

It’s been a long time since I wore this Mango skirt again. I got it after my OJT at Luenthai- a company that manufactures high end clothing such as Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture and the like. There was this bazaar wherein authentic brands were marked down at an incredibly low price.  I love the gold sequins though I think some are falling off already. :/ Nevertheless, I must say that this is still a steal! :)

My Liberte bag is not sturdy enough for my gazillion tons of bag essentials everyday. I just used it this time for a photo. It’s already broken and too bad, I used to really like its color and design.

Lastly, say hello to my new lip color! It’s very cheap-o but really good. That is actually a lipgloss by Careline. However, it looks more like a liquid lipstick when applied. The dewy face with orange lip that I see on some runways is my peg for it.

2:03 am
August 21 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

The Sun, it Hurts My Eyes

This is an old photo that I hesitated to post before because hindi ko sya feel. It feels embarassing or something. WTH, I don’t care now. I need some lookbook therapy! I’m used to pose not like this in photos. I don’t know what has gotten into me this time. :b 

Would you believe that this Mint sleeveless blouse is not really plain white? I just wore it backwards because the front’s design clashes with the whole look. :)

7:23 pm
August 6 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Keep it Simple and Do the Polka

Yay! I have a new look up! See it HERE.

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted own photos here in Tumblr. For this look, I went for polka dots and some pops of color.

Here’s another editing that I did for my Lookbook post. Selecting which one to put up has always been a dilemma of mine!

This was so impromptu that I just pulled out this Ray Ban sunglasses, Parisian boots and then asked my mother to take snapshots. I was about to leave to go back to my dorm in Manila so I’m just wearing a simple top and shorts.

This vintage bag has been lying around the house for quite some time now. Finally I was able to use it for a post.

That’s it for tonight. It’s been raining like crazy and I want to sleep. I wanna hibernate like an animal.

9:06 pm
July 30 2011
Post tags: Lookbook polka dots

Studded to Perfection <3

Hype this in Lookbook HERE! :)

I was not actually planning to purchase anything when I went to this certain store. However, I actually did a double take when I saw this beauty. I feel like a rockstar when I’m wearing it. Hahaha. I roll the sleeves up though if I use it at the office to make it more “work-appropriate”. It feels too over-the-top and out-of-place if I don’t hide the studs in the sleeves eh! :)

Oh, by the way, my tutu skirt is from YRYS. How I wish I can get a DSLR so the sheerness of the skirt is captured well. :( My bag is another Chanel 2.55 knock-off from Parisian.

Here are the back details so you can take a better look. What I like about this particular piece is that the fit’s perfect- not too big or too small. I’m also in the lookout for military-ish front design that it has. :D

10:45 pm
July 22 2011
Post tags: Lookbook

Clogs and Florals

Yes. it’s the weekend! It’s time to Tumble/blog once again. :) For this post, I’m using what I actually wear at the office (minus the hat and yellow belt). I have this big obsession with florals, the bigger, the better!

Say hello to my new shoez! It’s by Oro Nero from CMG. Recently, I’m having a fascination with clogs and thick heels ala Miu Miu.

These babies caused quite a damage in my wallet (boo hoo) but it’s too pretty to resist.

The problem with this pair is that it’s too high that I lost my balance while walking once. Now, whenever I use it, I feel a little “trauma”, like being careful in stepping so my walk becomes quite odd sometimes. :( Next time, I’ll just purchase shoes either in wedges or a in a little lower height.

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July 16 2011
Post tags: clogs CMG Oro Nero flower Lookbook

Sunsets, Haircuts, Snapshots

See this in LookbookI now first-handedly witnessed the magic of sunset light. The composition and capturing of the moment looks way better! I must take advantage of this good timing more often. :)

I found this vintage bag not so long ago. I can picture it in my mind being carried by men in sleek suits during the 50’s or 60’s.

It’s the first time to get a dress that has paisley prints. Love the deep maroon color too.


I got a haircut this time too! Now, my hair has outgrown the shape. Oh well.

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July 16 2011
Post tags: Lookbook