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It’s been a while.

Hello readers! I am sorry for the long hiatus. I must admit that after changing haircut, my drive for posting new looks dwindled. Quite bad, but okay. It’s time to make “bawi”. :)

I felt that I need to change somehow in my manner of dressing up as I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts. Maybe it’s time to take things one notch higher (more mature/more edgy). 

So.. yep! I managed to come up with this look. I am quite fascinated with tiger prints + black so I tried it today. The plan originally was to post a corporate attire but my mother washed my weekday clothes immediately when I got home this Saturday. Haha. Next time na lang.

Please excuse the “feeler” poses. It looks goofy but I’m posting it anyway. Haha.

It’s a good thing that the background complemented everything. Yey. I was wary of bypassers while these were taken. Luckily, only a man in a motorcycle saw us  during this time. Vanity takes shyness away a little- or I must say that I became thick-faced because of it. Lol.

Aside from tiger prints+black, I also incorporated two of my favorite details: gold accents and wooden heels. I have this inclination to woody/dark palettes as they seem more flattering and versatile to use.

Well, that’s it! I hope to update more from now on as I’m guilty of neglecting my Tumblr for quite some time now. Cheers. 

Posted by annadominiquee
  July 15, 2012 at 06:14pm

Last of the First

This will be the last set that I will post from my old photoshoot. Variations, variations.

Photo credits: Kat Tries to Photograph

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  June 16, 2012 at 06:08pm

One With the Wild: Second Photoset

I just want to post my unpublished photos from way way back. Nice, eh? :)

Pardon me, I don’t have recent photos to upload yet. Busy bee is busy.

Photo Credits:

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  May 28, 2012 at 08:52pm

Hello Hipster!

I have changed the title of this look for the third time already! Goodness, I’m so fickle-minded. Finally, I thought a “hipster” title would be more appropriate for the feel of this look.

This is the last photoset from the shoot I had weeks ago with long hair. I miss my locks. </3 However, I must be open to changes right?

I so like outdoor shots like this! It feels very professional blogger-ish, the ones that I see from popular people in Lookbook. Haha! As I am wearing heels instead of flats, I just tiptoed here to add more height and spunk.

Although I am wearing a YRYS tutu, the whole outfit looks more edgy than girly. I added bling-blings through my accesories plus my ever present gold pouch. Let’s incorporate a black hat to finish off the funky ensemble.

Again, let’s end this entry with a smiling shot. I want to end my posts with goody-good vibes now! :)

Alright, there you go. I hope I get to do a pro shoot again, this time while sporting my new ‘do.

Credits to:

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  May 10, 2012 at 10:21pm

Un Jardin De Fleurs

I soo love this photoset I want to cry. :’) Chos! This is one of my all time favorite layouts that I have posted the first batch of photos (mostly headshots) here.

When Ate Kat showed me the pegs to draw inspiration from, they are mostly Japanese-inspired springy stuff. With that in mind, I went all pa-girl with the whole ensemble! Wooden clogs? Check. Pastel colors? Check. Red bag as a bold accent? Check.

Err, there’s something awkward about me here. I should have just taken off the bag, or put my hands on my waist instead. I’m posting it anyway. Haha.

The title that I came up with is in French, which means “garden of flowers” in English. I just wanted to have a foreign sounding title to make it more sosyal. Heehee.

Photos by:

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  May 05, 2012 at 08:14pm

Corporate Jungle

I would’ve opted for a “Bad Teacher” title, but I felt quite shy. Hihihi. Let me just say that the look resembles corporate dressing but is somehow, inappropriate and over the top. Hence, let’s use this for LB purposes only. Take my blazer and shoes as an example- red and green, okay. Christmas lang ang peg? *troll face*

Obviously, my green blazer is too large! I find it hard to find good fitting blazers for the office dressing. My last purchases were just strokes of luck. 

I wanted to play around with quirky stuff so I incorporated a striking bib necklace from YRYS. My gold Tomato pouch is making a comeback again for a little “bling bling”.


This Details skirt is one of my favorites/staples in the closet. It can be used for formal occasions minus being boring! Thank you to the kurtina effect (chos!) also for the added bulk to my frame.

Before I end this post, let’s put on a smiley face here. :)

How’s you weekend? Mine’s lazy-lazy. I hope this post made some sense as I just typed this mindlessly. Hahahaha. 

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  April 28, 2012 at 09:42pm