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Pattern Overload

One of my dilemmas in “Lookbooking” is the lack of a good camera- one that is a DSLR or at least a point-and-shoot one having the almost same quality. So when I received a text message from Zabrina inviting me for a shoot, I was super ecstatic!

Zabs was the first photography enthusiast whom I have collaborated with before. Please see her old works HERE. Finally I was able to do this with her again. Also, it’s good to know that we still have good ties since our highschool days. Same interest in fashion and photography are the culprits! Haha.

This is the 1st out of the 4 layouts that we did that day. All was shot in her room- luckily, with a good lighting! It’s not that hard to edit the photos tuloy. :)

I admit that this outfit post is something that is somewhat different and edgier than what I usually wear. I maximized that print-on-print trend with the blouse, skirt and the shoes. If ever I’ll wear this for outdoor use, I’ll definitely tone down the use of busy prints.

Now, let us do the breakdown of the accesories used. My boyfriend lent me this round John Lennon-ish glasses quite some time ago. Finally, I have used it for Lookbook purposes. Yay! I’ll try to find round shades with a bigger frame next time. 

Excessorize, excessorize! To complete the pattern-heavy feel of this look, I added my old bib necklace and Zabs’ bracelets as their colors complement each ensemble.

Soo, basically, that’s it for now. I can’t wait to upload the other looks! Expect unique themes for each one. :D

Photo credits to:

Post-processing: Me

Vintage Vibes

I admit that I had second thoughts on posting this look. First, it’s been a long time since I did something for Lookbook so I lack in posing practice. Hahaha. Second, I am not really used to having short locks in pictures. I think that my long hair seems more photogenic or something. Third, I was half-hearted during this time. Anyway, enough with the ramblings already.

When I’m not in the best mood, my fool-proof way in LB posting is to take walking shots- like this one! The Bayo bag is my fourth satchel already, so far. I am really drawn to this Mulberry Alexa-ish style.

The whole ensemble is typically what I usually wear in the office. Blazers are a staple in my closet. Good thing, Forever 21 has nice ones such as what I am wearing here. I am still on the lookout for more designs and other brands to try. :)

Well,I think that’s it for now. I’ll try to be more creative and to post better stuff from now on. Hello as well to my new followers here in Tumblr! Thank you for visiting. :D

It’s been a while.

Hello readers! I am sorry for the long hiatus. I must admit that after changing haircut, my drive for posting new looks dwindled. Quite bad, but okay. It’s time to make “bawi”. :)

I felt that I need to change somehow in my manner of dressing up as I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts. Maybe it’s time to take things one notch higher (more mature/more edgy). 

So.. yep! I managed to come up with this look. I am quite fascinated with tiger prints + black so I tried it today. The plan originally was to post a corporate attire but my mother washed my weekday clothes immediately when I got home this Saturday. Haha. Next time na lang.

Please excuse the “feeler” poses. It looks goofy but I’m posting it anyway. Haha.

It’s a good thing that the background complemented everything. Yey. I was wary of bypassers while these were taken. Luckily, only a man in a motorcycle saw us  during this time. Vanity takes shyness away a little- or I must say that I became thick-faced because of it. Lol.

Aside from tiger prints+black, I also incorporated two of my favorite details: gold accents and wooden heels. I have this inclination to woody/dark palettes as they seem more flattering and versatile to use.

Well, that’s it! I hope to update more from now on as I’m guilty of neglecting my Tumblr for quite some time now. Cheers. 

Last of the First

This will be the last set that I will post from my old photoshoot. Variations, variations.

Photo credits: Kat Tries to Photograph

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