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Las Casas









Leather Jacket: Giordano |  Swimsuit (used as top):Pink Belter | Digital Print Skirt | Necklace: For Me | Pouch: Tomato

If you are looking for a good tourist spot in Bataan province, I highly suggest going to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar. The feel of the place is very antique and nostalgic! When you visit the place, it will be as if you are travelling a few centuries back to the era when the Philippines were under the Spanish/American colony. For more evidence to attest to this, you may check my posts in Instagram.

Actually, my outfit here was quite inappropriate as it was such a scorching hot day (Ahem, leather jacket.) and the main purpose of the trip was to swim! I just wanted to not let a beautiful location be put to waste as it is hard to find a good shooting spot within my hometown. 

The swimsuit which I am wearing here is a good alternative to a crop top. I have been looking for a perfectly fitting one for the longest time though. Also, yours truly has been quite fond of digital print skirts nowadays. It gives the outfit a bit of “pop”, yes? Too bad I forgot to bring nice shoes. Nonetheless, all the sweat for this outfit post was worth it!

Photos by: Ryan Ng

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May 25 2014
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Back to Black






Sheer Sleeved Romper: Persunmall | Miu Miu-inspired Heels: Trunkshow | Gold Pouch: Tomato

I have always had this unbreakable habit of choosing black whenever it comes to clothes. Sometimes, it’s bordering on me being annoyed with myself! Haha. Well, it has always been a personal innate response when it comes to shopping. My rational on doing such is due to the color’s versatility, safety and class vibe. I must admit that there are times wherein I make a conscious effort to incorporate bright hues in my closet in order to have at least a bit of variety. Oh, such compulsion!

This piece that Persunmall had mailed recently is no exception. Aside from being black, its one-piece structure and sheer sleeves make it something that is easy and dressy enough to wear at events/fancy places. Aside from being hassle-free to wear, it also looks fab amidst the very minimal styling. This is perfect for those moments when you are in a hurry yet, must come out well dressed. I strongly suggest that you go get one as an addition to your wardrobe also. 

To know more about this item, CLICK HERE:

For more stylish clothes, visit their site: http://www.persunmall.com/

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April 19 2014
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Sweltering Afternoons






Denim Top: Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted) | Tutu Skirt: YRYS | Shoes: Capital Vice | Bracelet: Landmark | Floral Wreath: gift, from Ryan

There is no doubt that summer is already here. Whenever I go outside, it always seems like I am wandering on a never ending sauna disguised as a street. I just thought that these long overdue post is very timely one to put in le blog. Floral wreath! Hello!

On another note, I must say that the release of VSCO’s new presets was such a good timing. These were edited using A4, which I can already regard as my favorite filter. It’s really amazing to know how people can come up with new applications that are easy to use and perfect for their target market (in this case, those artsy-minded/photograph crazy) folks. 

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April 12 2014
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On Test Shots and New Things





Shoes: S&H | Bag: Kelley (Ryan’s ) | Romper: from a bazaar | Skirt | thrifted

I am very much ecstatic to finally own a new camera which is now resting peacefully at the palm of my hands: a Fujifilm X20. Oh my. I never thought that I will be able to purchase one that soon (few months after investing on an Iphone 5s). Perhaps, let me just do a separate post for the Fuji love.

Yesterday, my sister and I took test shots within the neighborhood. I was itching to have a moment at a wall decorated with oh so lovely bougainvilleas. Finally, we were able to steal a few seconds to do it. Mission accomplished! In spite of the heat, rusty “posing skills”, roughly unperfected cam settings and nosy rural teens (Sorry not sorry, they were quite a pain to deal with.), it was a pretty good start! I hope to do better quality/artsy posts similar to these next time. So excited.

3:10 pm
March 23 2014
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Glitteratti + A Valentine’s Sale


Last weekend, my boyfriend and I had a little shoot at a nearby sports complex. It was a good thing that the place was quite deserted. It made us feel comfortable to take these photos and for me to get away with being awkward in front of the cam at times. 


It’s been a while since I used this blouse. Hurhur.It’s just, I don’t know.. Too dressy? Look those sequins, man. SEQUINS. O.O Maybe I’ ll just use it again for another formal occasion. This was bought at SM Department Store- at 50% off. That was such a steal so yeah, I just had to take it home.


The perfect pair ankle strap heels are so hard to find. *rolls eyes* Whenever I scouted for one, those that I see were either: with straps too thin, having a heel height that is too high for me to walk on, unflattering, or out of stock. Huhuhu. 

I guess  seeing this baby at Capital Vice is such a stroke of luck! Honestly, I chanced upon this already maybe a month or two ago, but was hesitant to buy. I must be saving up for something else that time or weighed if it was just an impulse buy or not. Fast forward to today, that exact same pair is still there. I love how the heel is low and  the cut is just right. Yay! maybe it was meant to be. An issue that I have though is the material: Suede. 

I hate hate hate suede. It’s such a b**** to clean. It doesn’t help that I am always gravitating to shoes styles in this kind of material. -.- Oh well, that’s life.


Blouse: from SM Department Store |Skater Skirt: from bazaar  | Ankle Strap Heels: Capital Vice                

On a different note, Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Gasp! Have you already  planned your surprise or gift to that special someone? It’s about high time to be mushy mushy and all. Hihihi.


Since this is a momentous occasion for you (Yes, you.) lovebirds. I think it is but an obligation to look our best. Girl, Persunmall would be a great help with regards to that, specially if you are into online shopping. Wait, there’s more. They are holding a Valentine Sale for selected items up to 50% off. High five!

For those who are currently single , don’t fret.  This may have been said 1000x times but for sure, this is true: True love waits. It will come when you least expect it. Cheer up! Buy gorgeous clothes and be fabulous! Who knows, maybe “he” may spot you one of this days. At least look your best. ;)                               

Moving forward, here are some of my top picks for your reference:


Daamn, I wish I could get this for myself. Unfortunately, I am living in a tropical country. Hahaha! I love how deep/ox blood red-ish this trench coat is. <3 Hmm, maybe I should call this Valentine’s red instead? Naah, I’m blabbing too much.  But seriously, if you live in a constantly cold city, go grab ‘em.


This is a no-brainer choice because it’s black and white. Hello? It’s goes well with anything! Also, I am a sucker for being OC with my stuff. The compartment in front makes reaching for small things such as lipstick, pen et. al. hassle free . I think I have to partner this with the red Valentine trenchcoat. 


There’s only one thing that came to my mind when I saw this:




Bomber jacket!!!!! I am having a hard time in looking for one within my area. Well, I saw one last December. It was actually pretty affordable but the prints are not that pretty enough. :( I think this item is perfect with all those floral prints and the color. 

Hmm, that’s about it. I hope I was able to help you a bit there. Happyshopping! Enjoy the rest of the week and your V-day. I hope he surprises you big time.   :b    

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February 11 2014
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White Garden


Giordano leather jacket, Celine sandals, Charles & Keith bag, Corset top from Landmark, Skater Skirt from a bazaar.


Finally, the much-loved and anticipated month is here (December, Decembrrr or Decemblur. Whichever you like)! The weather is reminiscent of these photos from a Tagaytay trip last November. My siblings, nephew, sister’s boyfriend and I went out for a dose of joy ride.

This set was shot at Mushroom Burger (with a funny yet witty Mcdonalds-ish counter display). Outside, there was this motorcycle parking slot at a far corner adorned with pretty hanging white flowers. I just had to get my pictures taken there. #vainproblems


Moving on to what I wore, my leather jacket is the perfect armor for the chilly wind. I have always wanted to get one so this pick from Giordano is a great choice. Also, corset + skater skirt (yes, I am jumping into that skirt bandwagon) seems to be a no-brainer combo for me nowadays. It is a lazy dressing cheat that will still make you look put-together.

As you may have noticed, I have been tinkering some parts of my blog little by little. Finally, I had the energy to update this space again. I just got an Iphone 5s recently so I guess I have no excuse to not update on a regular basis. Hahaha.

Crossing my fingers that my last quarter of 2013 onwards would be nothing short of awesomeness, cyberspace and real-life wise. Tata!

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December 8 2013
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 Outtakes mode! Rawr. I need to have new photos asap. This is another version of my last look. However, the vibe of these set is different. As what I have said in the title, it felt “badass”. Hahahaha! Yep, no judging.

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March 17 2013
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Japanese Schoolgirl Kind of Day


This is one theme that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time already- a Japanese student with the pretty short skirt and structured blazer as a uniform! I hope my interpretation is good enough. :D


I’ve always been envious of students from foreign or international schools who sport cute uniforms.If this was the case during my high school days, dressing up will be no-brainer fashionable and something that I’d look forward to! However, it’s okay. I tried to make the most out of accessorizing plus sporting the cutest bags and shoes possible with our brown dress uniform before. I was not very in touch with my “fab” self though during my awkward stage of life a.k.a teenage years so I think I’d do a better job as a stylist now. :b


Anyway, let’s have the breakdown of what I’m wearing this afternoon (my 3rd and last set that day with Ate Kat). This Mango blazer was a Christmas gift (again) from the sweetest person ever- Ryan! I think my blog has been peppered with my special mentions of him. Hahaha! Ayiee. Sorry naman. :))


Aside from that, I finally got to take out my plaid skirt which was sewn by Ima (sister of my Lola). Since I reaaaally really want this print, I remember us buying this cloth and I was able to use this a few times in college. I gained a *little* weight so its fit was a little tight now. 


Sadly, that’s my last LB post already as I run out of outfit shots. I’ll try to upload more soon once I get a new Adobe Photoshop (I erased mine. Booo!) and have the energy to come up with new styles already. Haha! Till next time! :)

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February 16 2013
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Shimmers in the Dusk


I was super excited when Ate Kat contacted me again for a photoshoot. If you’ve been following my Tumblr, you can say that the photos that she took of me looked pretty cool. It’s also not everyday that I get to have my pictures taken “professionally”, thus, I agreed to her invite without hesitation.


Our shoot took place at Globe Asiatique where she currently lives. It happened late afternoon so the “magic hour” will be captured. Aside from that, we went to the roof deck as it was the best location for it.


Lookie! With the “magic hour” that I’ve mentioned, this is what I’m talking about. The sun’s golden afternoon glare gave the photos a warm feel. I have seen it from various top bloggers and luckily, I was able to try it as well.


Here are some headshots with my trying-to-look fierce-face. I hope I pulled off being fashionably snobbish well! Heehee. :)


My favorite whole body shot is this one. Agree? I kind of lacked practice in posing in front of the cam that’s why I’m pretty happy with this one. It’s been a while since I used these SM Parisian shoes. Unfortunately, it’s already damaged and weathered (scratched leather and all that) so this might be the last time that I’ll use it for Lookbook’s sake. 



Evening’s already starting to set in so we had to hurry in wrapping up the shoot. Thank god for Photoshop and le photographer’s skills. The picture didn’t look as dark as expected!


I used this blouse before during our company Christmas party last 2012. In an instant, I fell in love with this piece the time I saw it on the racks. I am currently on a “gold and shimmers phase” and this is perfect. Surprise! Its price was slashed by 50% too. What a steal. :D



Now, let’s go to the shots overlooking Manila from the top. The bokeh looked so good! I just hoped I made a more upbeat facial expression here but it’s okay.


Going back to my blouse, I also loved the sheerness of the bell sleeves that added more drama to it. Aside from that, the cuffs (I hope it’s the right term) has a thick band of sequins too so further accessorizing is not necessary anymore.


That’s it for now. I have two more outfit shots from this photo session so watch out for that! I think that this is a good look entry start for 2013. My blog goal is to post more quality entries. :)))

Photo credits to Katrina Santos

Tumblr: http://kattriestophotograph.tumblr.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/katandhercamera

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January 13 2013
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The Roads Lead Me to You


A few weeks back, my guy and I had a weekend trip to Tagaytay to relax and have our December getaway. :D

As I am not yet done editing the photos, I will provide a separate post for that instead. Let’s now go to my recent Lookbook post! These photos were taken using a Blackberry only, would you believe?


The walking-on-the-road-kind photo is really one of the fool-proof ways to make the composition look better, moreover, cooler. He was the one who suggested shooting at the dirt road and of course, I was game. Good thing, there were only few vehicles/people that passed by. :b


My eyes were looking quite tired during that day so I decided put on this Mango shades again. Also, I wanted to add an extra something to my look. the shoes that I was using here was from So! Fab. I love everything about it- the 3 tone color block, peep toe design, wooden heels and the price. Good buy indeed! However, the fabric that was used is velvet so it’s kind of hard to clean.


Usually, I use this long skirt as a dress. This time, I opted to wear it ala maxi high-waist version with a lace top and belt. My Bayo messenger bag says hello again. In all fairness, it’s the sturdiest of all the messenger bags that I’ve tried. However, I am still on the lookout for another one- something that is lighter and in a different design. 

By the way, Christmas is just around the corner. Hopefully everyone will have a great holiday ahead. :)

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December 23 2012
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Kat Tries to Photograph, Again.


Finally. After a few months, I was able to have a fun shoot again with ate Kat. I’ll post everything and the links soon! :)

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December 23 2012
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All Plaid Up

It’s been a while since I posted something again. Since my blog life is not the be and all (is this correct? hehe) of my life, it sometimes takes a backseat in my to do list. More over, the photo editing and writing takes much of the time in my hands, thus the lag. Anyway, let’s go now to my most recent outfit post!

I am more inclined to girly dressing and all that shizz that’s why this look is somewhat a breath of fresh air. I decided to go with rockish|edgy vibes and came up with this. Gladly, I think I was able to pull it off.

Let me do the breakdown of each detail. The boots were given by my aunt as she don’t have an instance that she can use this for. I was hesitant at first as I don’t know when I can use it as well. Good thing, now is the perfect time to take it out for a spin! :)

Now, let’s go to the highlight of the post: this Plaid polo from Cotton On. Actually, its my boyfriend’s! Cool, huh? He looks really good when wearing it as well. Yihee! It’s a good his-and-hers stuff. Naks.

One of the early Christmas gifts that I got from him was this shades from Mango. I love it so much as it’s hard for me to find shades with the right framing on my face. All I can say is that, this one has perfect shape! I have been ogling and thinking about it for so long since we saw it at Rockwell. At last, it’s at the palm of my hands now.

Here are more of the outtakes that were also taken at the back of the house. Please pardon the ruined facade! Hehehe. This and the photo below are those that looked decent from the batch.

If you have time, please please please hype this in Lookbook! :)

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November 17 2012
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Bright and Bold

Happy halloween! Since it’s THE long weekend (Yey!), here’s a little quick post about my old shoot (3rd set) with Zabs. Ugh, why was I feeling so haggard this time? I must get more rest and prep up better before mini shoots like this. Anyway, it’s alright. let’s move on shall we? :) 

If you have noticed, I just mix and matched the clothes that I packed that day and here’s one of the outfits that I’ve come up with. The accessories that I used + the skirt were quite bold but I hope that everything still blended well. What do you think?

My hair looks pixie-ish here. Thank God, it’s already getting longer! Sorry for the continuous spazzing about my locks. I just can’t help it. I’ll try to shut up about my random comments already. Next time, I’ll try another hair color and make it a shade lighter again na lang

Hello “big purse” aka as my Charles and Keith bag. I figured out that it’s not really suitable for everyday use. I always carry heavy stuff and it’s not meant for carrying much load! I’ll just us this for dressier events. At least now, I have a formal bag to use. :)

Photo credits: http://zabischic.tumblr.com/

7:42 pm
November 1 2012
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There Will Be More Sunny Days

Please excuse my pale face in these photos. I can see my humongous eyebags here. Oops. They are the fruits of oversleeping (or the lack of it). I’m trying to have a better lifestyle from now on. Let’s see how far can I go with that one! 

I admit that sans makeup, I kind of look sicky. Makeup is my best friend- not to look “clownish”, mind you, but to look healthier. Hehe. Well, it’s not too late to change. I am now having a bigger appetite, starting to include veggies in my diet and trying (really hard) to sleep early. Next goal? Exercise. I have the best motivation at the moment anyway. Heehee. ;)

Okay, okay, enough with my random ramblings. I am pretty pleased with my background, in fairness. Geez, why haven’t I gone here before? Hmm. Luckily, no one in the nearby townhouse was out this noon. Woohoo! I was more comfortable in having my photos taken.  

We tried to further experiment with the background and stuff. This seems pretty nice. Naks. Anyway, since I am currently on a print-on-print phase, I came up with this look. Polka dot|Floral combo is one of the staples in my mix. Hopefully, I can come up with new print combos soon!  

It’s been a while since I pulled out this boater hat from the closet. However, I used it as a “prop” instead as my hair is in its awkward stage and hats don’t look good on my head yet.

My peep-toe boots are making its way back to my looks! I think it’s edgy enough and suits the fun vibe of my outfit. I sure wouldn’t want it to just collect dust at the corner of our house. It’s about time to take it out for a spin once more.

Yey, I got a happy-looking shot here. The fierce/poker face/sad looking faces don’t suit me anymore. I’ll try to incorporate more smiles in my next posts. Seriously, what’s there not to be happy about right? Even though there are some stuff in our life that are not going as we want them to be, we are still assured of more bright sunny days. Think positive.

Don’t forget to hype this in Lookbook! Thank you. Happy weekend!

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October 27 2012
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Time to Start Fresh

I am pretty pleased with how this look turned out. It looks so refreshing, thus the title! This time, I tried to come up with something more youthful, fun yet still appropriate for corporate or formal situations. Another plus point is that this post goes well with my blog’s feel. What do you think? :)

It’s also cool that my background and the lighting suited my concept really well. Yay! Ang saya, parang nasa garden lang ang peg. Haha. I used my eldest sister’s point and shoot camera for the first time thus the different quality of the photos.

Uuy, my locks are starting to grow longer already (I can tie it up now unlike before. Woohoo.). I’ll stick to long hairstyles again from now on- enough with the experimenting! 

Hmm, anyway, enough with the random blabbing already. I am actually wearing a romper from H&M which was used as a top. Oops, I forgot to tuck in the back part well. Sorry about that. The two things that I like about this romper is its hue and versatility. The minty color complements my skin tone really well as I actually look waay fairer when wearing it. I don’t have a lot of light colored stuff so this piece is a great addition to my wardrobe.

Lastly, I am also wearing one of my favorite skirts- this one is from Topshop. What’s not to love about it, right? Although I am skinny, it hugs my waist and thighs well. Aside from that, I got it in a quirky color and a different length. I am trying to steer away from blacks and short skirt acquisitions recently.

On a deeper sense, I feel like I’m also starting anew little by little. At present, I’m ready to embrace a better philosophy in life. I now know what to prioritize, what to enjoy and what to get rid of. My mindset is becoming more long-term and focused on the essentials (which ranges from anything materialistic up to the intangibles, such as relationships with people that really matter). Yaiks, I’m getting old. Hehehe. As what my title says, it’s about time to start fresh! 

Thank you to THIS article for opening my eyes. :)

Don’t forget to hype this in Lookbook! Cheers!

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October 7 2012
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