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I am pretty pleased with how this look turned out. It looks so refreshing, thus the title! This time, I tried to come up with something more youthful, fun yet still appropriate for corporate or formal situations. Another plus point is that this post goes well with my blog’s feel. What do you think? :)

It’s also cool that my background and the lighting suited my concept really well. Yay! Ang saya, parang nasa garden lang ang peg. Haha. I used my eldest sister’s point and shoot camera for the first time thus the different quality of the photos.

Uuy, my locks are starting to grow longer already (I can tie it up now unlike before. Woohoo.). I’ll stick to long hairstyles again from now on- enough with the experimenting! 

Hmm, anyway, enough with the random blabbing already. I am actually wearing a romper from H&M which was used as a top. Oops, I forgot to tuck in the back part well. Sorry about that. The two things that I like about this romper is its hue and versatility. The minty color complements my skin tone really well as I actually look waay fairer when wearing it. I don’t have a lot of light colored stuff so this piece is a great addition to my wardrobe.

Lastly, I am also wearing one of my favorite skirts- this one is from Topshop. What’s not to love about it, right? Although I am skinny, it hugs my waist and thighs well. Aside from that, I got it in a quirky color and a different length. I am trying to steer away from blacks and short skirt acquisitions recently.

On a deeper sense, I feel like I’m also starting anew little by little. At present, I’m ready to embrace a better philosophy in life. I now know what to prioritize, what to enjoy and what to get rid of. My mindset is becoming more long-term and focused on the essentials (which ranges from anything materialistic up to the intangibles, such as relationships with people that really matter). Yaiks, I’m getting old. Hehehe. As what my title says, it’s about time to start fresh! 

Thank you to THIS article for opening my eyes. :)

Don’t forget to hype this in Lookbook! Cheers!

Posted: October 07, 2012
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