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Favorite Find: Shiseido Ibuki


For the past few months, I can say that Shiseido’s Ibuki line has done wonders on my face. Currently, I have finished more than half of these babies and they have done so much in helping improve the clarity of my skin. With that experience, I feel that it deserves a post so I can share the good stuff with other girls! 

What convinced me to try it is the so-called Shape Memorizing Cell Technology™ that makes the skin’s surface layer “memorize” the shape of cells in their optimal condition (a.k.a. “plum with moisture”). For more info, you may read this helpful review.



Admittedly, Shiseido’s products come with a hefty price tag so I was lucky to have availed a trial pack (the two as seen above and a facial wash) priced at 1,500 bucks. All are in 30 ML bottles/tube and only minimal amount is needed to be put on the face so I think that it’s still worth it.



1. FACIAL WASH- My least favorite of the three. It did its job well in cleansing mildly the skin of oil, make-up and dirt. However, I personally think that affordable cleansers can still do the same thing, so, nothing special. In fairness, it still took me 4 months to finish the contents of the tube.


2. SOFTENING CONCENTRATE- I LOVE putting this on my skin! It is super light and cool upon application. I think that the purpose of the concentrate is to retain the moisture content of the skin. Upon continuous use, my visage looked glowing and like that of a baby.

3. REFINING MOISTURIZER- My preferred time of using this is during night time as it has no SPF. Whenever I use this, there is this cant-put-my-finger on radiance in the morning that I usually do not experience with other moisturizers.


(A “pacute” selfie during those times when I used Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate+Moisturizer on a regular basis)

I have tried using other face products but these are the gems that I still keep coming back to. Hmm, maybe that’s the difference (sometimes) of investing in pricey stuff.  By the way, it doesn’t diminish dark spots and all completely so you may need something else to address those. What I can assure is that Shiseido Ibuki contributes in making you look blooming as it works to keep your skin at its best state possible. Rest assured, I’m a believer! 

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